Multi-platform web considerations

As the range of devices people access the Internet through is ever increasing, so is the need to develop and adapt to meet the different requirements necessary for web design across those different platforms, be it laptop, pc, tablet or smartphone. Looking good on mobile devices has never been more important, and here at Pumpkin Web Design, we know all there is to know about the multi-platform approach to web design. Here is our guide for all the necessary considerations you will need to take into account when designing a multi-platform website.

Vertical or Horizontal?

When planning and designing your website you have to take into account the fact that people can view your website in either the horizontal viewing position or vertically through a tablet or smartphone. For websites, this means that orientation optimization is essential. Websites that aren’t optimized to perform in both orientations are likely to look poor when accessed vertically, missing key information and forcing the user to interact with the website in a way that is not comfortable or intended. This also gives a poor impression of your company and business as a whole, potentially losing you customers and sales


From the large pixels per inch of a 20-inch pc monitor to the smaller screen resolution of a 5 inch smartphone, your website needs to be able to scale up and down responding to the screen size it is displayed on. This kind of responsive design is what consumers expect from every website they access, and they won’t wait for it to load. Ensuring your website is equipped to deal with resolution is incredibly important for the multi-platform approach.

Playable content

If your website makes use of interactive features like quizzes, video playback or even contact forms, as a web designer you need to be aware that this playable content could be accessed on all browser types, and on different levels of processor power. This means that some of these interactive features may not load, open or generally act as they should when accessed on some devices.

In summary

Making your website available across all platforms is essential to the success of your business or company, but it will require a whole different approach to website design. Why not let the professionals help you out and contact Pumpkin Web Design today.

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