Why is organic traffic important for website success?

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While your website might look stunning, and be designed for the best user experience possible, this doesn’t mean that it will be noticed by your intended audience. In fact, it might not attract any traffic or attention at all. That’s because Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and web marketing are equally as important as the web design itself. Your website will only be seen by the right people, if you put the time and effort into SEO. This will result in an increase in organic traffic. But what is organic traffic? And is there a connection between organic traffic and web success? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design we are Preston’s leading web design and web marketing professionals. We provide a wide range of website solutions and SEO services across Preston and the North West, from Southport to Wigan, and even Manchester, and we work with a wide range of companies and  businesses, in a variety of sectors. As a result, we have produced this guide to organic traffic and web success.

What is organic traffic?

So first of all, what exactly is organic traffic? Well, simply put, organic traffic is all the traffic generated, that you didn’t have to pay for. So this can include:

  • click throughs from the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that are not from paid advertisements
  • click throughs from social media that are not paid for as part of an ad campaign
  • click throughs from any third party website or review site

Ultimately, organic traffic is the traffic generated by genuinely interested customers. So this is who you should be aiming to reach.

So, why is organic traffic important for website success?

Organic traffic can be incredibly beneficial for your web success. This is because:

  • Organic traffic is free. This means your company will be able to cut down on expensive ads and campaigns and instead rely on SEO techniques to keep the organic traffic flowing in, increasing your profit margin.
  • Organic traffic can help you make more sales. People clicking through to your website organically, have done so because they wanted to. Maybe your meta-description piqued their interest, or maybe your website is the number one search result. Either way, your customers are already interested in what you are offering, which means that persuading them to make a purchase will be slightly easier.
  • Organic traffic helps you beat the competition- If you are taking most of the organic traffic from the SERP, your competition will see even less traffic. So putting in the effort to improve organic traffic, can help to move your competitors to the back of the queue.

Not only is organic traffic itself beneficial, but it can also be used as proof of success. Some companies use their organic traffic statistics and facts to show how successful their web design, and SEO techniques have been. This is because websites with the best SEO are likely to attract more organic customers, and websites with top quality web design will be able to convert this traffic into sales effectively. So organic traffic can be incredibly beneficial for backing up your design and SEO choices. However, this should be used in conjunction with other relevant data, for example bounce rate. As your website might experience a lot of traffic from organic sources, but these visitors might have a high bounce rate.

For more information about organic traffic, and understanding your websites performance, get in touch with the experts today, here at Pumpkin Web Design.

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