SEO and Content

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Content and SEO are connected. Despite this, many web marketing companies will try and imply that content and SEO are two separate entities. But why would they do this? Well, it’s certainly not to mislead the consumer, the two do have very separate strands. However, the similarities and overlap between the two is too large to be ignored completely. Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are SEO and content marketing experts. This is our guide to the connections between the two.

First of all, the differences…

Although this is an article about how SEO and content are connected, there are differences. The main ones being:

  • SEO is narrower in field and scope
  • SEO is more technical
  • Content marketing is broad and applies to almost everything

Now, the connections

  1. SEO needs content. Articles, words, and keywords come from content. As a result, one of the main practical applications of SEO is content.
  2. SEO needs keywords How will your article be picked up without keywords? Exactly! Keywords are fundamental. Keyword stuffing however, is not good practice. Applying keywords to content is the essence of SEO, but it’s also the centre of content marketing. Good content will use keywords well, integrated with top quality content.
  3. SEO needs linkbacks. The methods of linkbacks have changed over the years to produce a much better user experience. But, SEO can still be greatly boosted by good linkbacks. The best way to ensure that sites want to link back to you is to consistently release high quality content.
    In addition, your content needs to add something of value to the pre-existing online community. This is one of the main goals of content marketing.
  4. SEO needs consistence. New content is indexed quickly by search engines, especially if it is good quality. In fact, it will even register higher than older content. As a result, the best way to draw eyes to your business is to release consistently high content, on a consistent basis.

In summary

SEO and content marketing are inter-connected. Content meets all of the needs of SEO. For a professional content and SEO service, contact us at Pumpkin Web Design today.

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