Why is my SEO not working?

While many businesses and companies experience great success from ethical white hat hacking and organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) many others fail to see any improvement in sales or sometimes traffic at all. Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we know just how challenging it can be to create and implement an effective SEO strategy, and just how disheartening it can be when this doesn’t pay off. There are two main reasons why your SEO isn’t helping boost your company sales. These are:

Poor content

If your content is un-engaging or not interesting to your viewers, they will likely just leave your website, even though they may have been directed there from organic search results which listed your company as the top result. Despite the more stringent rules that Google have paced on content, which judge the relevance, quality and originality of your company’s content, companies are losing out because of the pitch of their content.

Aiming your content at your target audience is of utmost importance, and if your content is too high-brow and full of technical details and specifics, people won’t enjoy your website experience. Instead, try to keep your written content to smaller amounts of block text, and use relevant and interesting pictures to support your text.

Misplaced analysis

Analysing the wrong targets such as traffic and page rank means that many online marketers overlook more important statistics and trends such as conversion ratio, areas of visitor concentration and traffic performance, which would help the company identify areas for improvement. For example, if most your traffic is being directed to one page on your website, that must be the most popular search term you cover, so why not increase the call to action presence on that page instead of the home page, and turn the passive viewers into buyers.

In summary

Your company may be experiencing a poor return on their SEO investment because of the way your content is written or because you are focusing your attention on part of the website that doesn’t need to be altered. Successfully analysing your statistics can really help to direct your SEO strategy and inform your decisions. For any and all of your SEO needs, contact Pumpkin Web Design today.

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