Analysing your marketing statistics

Designing and producing a website that makes use of relevant functions and features, good quality content and impressive design is only the beginning of your digital marketing campaign and your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. Once this is up and running you will need to stay on top of a range of statistics related to your website and your business. Here at Pumpkin Web Design we are recognised as digital marketing experts, and this is our guide to help you make the most out of your marketing statistics.

What can the statistics show you?

Depending on what analytics tool you are using, as a digital marketer you can glean lots of information by interpreting the recorded statistical data, including amount of visitors, referrers, most popular pages, visitor traffic congestion areas, conversion page statistics, as well as video viewers and social media interactions.

Which statistics should you focus on?

As a digital marketer implementing a SEO strategy, your attention will initially be drawn to the page rankings and the visitor stats. However, focusing on these may not help you to develop strategies to improve your website and instead you should focus on more specific areas. For example, if a gas company focused on the conversion page and the visitor numbers, they could establish the percentage of visitors that were joining the mailing list or making a sale through the website. This provides a more well-rounded indicator of SEO and marketing success, rather than just visitor numbers alone.

What should you do with the statistics?

Using the statistics to inform decisions and change or alter the way your company or website is operating is the main aim of data analytics. Going back to the gas company example, once they had established their conversion percentage, if this percentage was low, they would then be able to focus on the call to action features of the popular visitor pages, and improve the visibility of the call to action to promote more sales. This means that the gas company can make decisions informed by the data, and plan to alter their marketing strategy appropriately.

In summary

Statistical analysis can inform your business decisions and help you understand the performance of your website, if you focus on the right areas. At Pumpkin Web Design, we have a vast range of experience with digital marketing and SEO, so why not contact us today?

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