Why Boring is Bad

Websites come in many forms, but we all recognise that some are more engaging than others. Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we value immersive and intuitive design and strive to produce websites that emulate this value, because as a top digital marketing agency, we know and understand the benefits of a website that stands out from the crowd. Here is our guide to why boring is bad.


If your website is boring, it is likely to be missing key features and possible information that potential consumers expect to see, which raises concerns for them about the trust-worthiness of your company or business. Even if your website has these features, a website that appears bland and boring will likely be judged as unreliable, simply because it won’t look up to date and relevant. After all, websites are the viewers first impression of the company, and it’s hard to believe a company is still operating if its website looks like it was last updated 5 years ago.


Google’s algorithms ensure that websites they place at the top of search results are the most credible, relevant and informative. If your website is boring, dull and not updated regularly in terms of features and design methods, then your website may not even be seen to begin with. This will lose your company money from potential customers who will be visiting the websites of your competitors instead.


For many potential customers, hitting Google is the first thing they do to find the service they want, before they even leave the house. If your website is boring and dull, then that is the impression you are giving to these customers, who, chances are, have never even seen your company in real life. If your viewers judgement is based on your subpar website, you are likely to get a bad reputation and for a company in the digital age, that can be hard to shake.

In summary

Keeping your website fresh, up to date and relevant can build consumer trust, give you a good reputation and increase your company or business exposure, ultimately making your company more money. Investing in your website design is crucial, why not contact Pumpkin Web Design today, for a company you can trust. Unbelievably happy clients throughout Preston, Southport, Chorley, Blackburn, Wigan and the World!

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