Predicted Web Design Trends for 2017

Here at Pumpkin Web Design we value our skills and reputation as brilliant web designers and digital marketers. A large part of this is staying on top of recent developments in web development and being aware of the changing and emerging trends. We put a lot of effort into researching trends to keep our client’s websites fresh, modern and up to date. As such, we can start to predict the trends we think will be big for 2017, to keep you in the know.


Thankfully, the days of a little ball bouncing around at the bottom of each web page just to demonstrate animation skill, is long gone. But animation is one of the biggest emerging trends. With websites being designed with similar templates, e.g. smooth, flat design with unobtrusive colours, web designers have taken to subtle animation tricks to keep the viewers engaged. These can include ideas such as load screen animations, slightly wobbly or illuminated text when highlighted, or simply image reels that change. We are sure you will be seeing more innovative uses of animation in 2017.


Video content has become a big hit. People find it easier to digest and understand video content than reading block text, and with it becoming even easier to prepare your video for viewing on a range of platforms, incorporating video into website design is becoming a key way to make your website relevant and engaging. We predict that video playback will become more in built, automatically playing when scrolled to, and a lot more common on websites you visit in 2017- better have that sound turned down when browsing in the office!

Impatient Users

People are demanding everything faster and this is also the case for websites. Sites that fail to load quickly or correctly are likely not to pass the test of the impatient user, who will quickly move onto the site of your competitor. We predict that this trend will continue in 2017, cutting the load time people expect from 2 seconds to perhaps as low as 0.5 seconds.

In summary

We predict that subtle animation will continue to engage users viewing flat and simple web pages, that video playback will be embedded within webpages and make the web browsing experience a lot more immersive, and that users will be willing to wait even less time for the website to load, so web designers will have to work hard to ensure quick load time. For all your website needs, contact us at Pumpkin Web Design today.  Unbelievably happy clients throughout Preston, Southport, Chorley, Blackburn, Wigan and the World!

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