Tons of Ecommerce

We’re totally in the zone when it comes to E-commerce.

It’s funny how it happens in the internet industry, but things just seem to have a way of happening.  It’s probably because as web design, SEO and internet marketing specialists, we’re constantly involved in key areas of business, which means that new opportunities are always presenting themselves to us.

As it happens, we’ve become heavily involved in retail and e-commerce of late, and with some very ambitious projects on the go, we’re having to learn a lot of new marketing tricks, internet techniques and workflow methods to help us achieve our objectives.

When it comes to e-commerce websites, security is an issue that can not be over-looked.  With a huge amount of time and investment being placed in an online shop, it is essential that an e-commerce website is safe, secure and protected.

Key to this is regular backing up of your e-commerce site.  Take a back up of your database tables and files from your server at least every day if you can.  There is nothing more frustrating than going back over the tedious job of adding products, writing product descriptions, and adding meta titles and meta descriptions to products and tagging images.  Especially if your products are not particularly straight forward such as variable products.

Try to limit the number of 3rd party plug-ins used within your website.  3rd party plugins can cause major conflicts with your website and with each other, particularly when new updates become available.

Make sure your website is as secure as possible.  You can limit log-in attempts with WordPress, and there are some pretty nifty security plug-ins too.  Some however can cause major conflicts with Woocommerce so be careful with these.

Don’t use a shared server hosting package if you can help it.  Shared hosting packages are limited in terms of the options that you have available to you, particularly when it comes to making alteration of things like PHP memory limits, which is a very important variable with e-commerce websites.

In short, we’ve learned a heck of a lot when it comes to the creation of e-commerce website that deliver volume sales.  Give us a call if you’d like a chat about your own e-commerce project.

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