How to use CSS for the best web-design

So you have a website set up, but some pages take their time to load? Or maybe you want to make sure that you have everything in place before enabling your website to be viewed by all of your potential customers or clients? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design we have a huge amount of web-design experience, and here are some CSS tips that can help your website really shine.

Get rid of redundant aspects in your CSS file

You wouldn’t leave unused tags in your HTML, so why do it with your CSS? Taking that extra time to make sure that all of your CSS references are up to date with the HTML file you are using, no matter how many times this may change, involves not just making sure your links work and the page is displayed correctly. Removing redundant lines of CSS that were maybe utilized in an earlier version of the page development, but are no longer needed, can allow your web page to load in a shorter amount of time, and can save you time and money when updating your pages.

Use a compressor

Similar to removing redundant aspects of CSS, using a compressor on your CSS file can save space and loading time. A compressor can help with line breaks and white space, and make your code more efficient overall.

Write the HTML file first

We know that it is common practice to open up a HTML and a CSS file at the same time, but if you complete the HTML file first, it will actually be easier for you to match up the relevant CSS. As a designer, you will be able to understand the whole page, and make design decisions based on the whole thing, once the HTML is completed.

Write CSS top down

This sounds like an obvious tip, but making sure you format with CSS in the same order as the source code is actually far more efficient and can save you time and money when this needs editing, as it is easier to find errors and takes less time to add in new sections, once your website starts to grow and develop.

In summary

CSS is the way we all design our websites and layouts, but we can make this more efficient by using a top down approach, removing redundant CSS lines, using a compressor and writing the whole HTML file first. All of these tips can help you save time and money, and ultimately help you to create a better finished product: a website that really stands out.

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