Social Media growth hacking tips

We all know social media is essential to digital marketing, based on building followers, gaining likes and leading traffic directly back to your website. But what if you’ve just started out on your social media journey? Or maybe your company had a revamp and now the social media space needs a refresh? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design we have some amazing skills with website development and social media, the two go hand in hand after all, so here are some of our top tips.

Post, post and post

Social media is free. That means there are tens of thousands of people out there that your business could reach out to and connect with, for free. One of the most important ways to utilise this to your advantage is to post, post and post some more. Honestly, depending on which social media channels you are using, you should be posting around 3-7 times a day. This might sound like a lot but sharing a quick snap, a quick thought or a link to a relevant article can make all the difference when your company is trying to get noticed amongst the sea of other companies in the same boat. If it sounds tricky to keep up with, you can always try one of the scheduling apps that work with social media to release your posts periodically.

Get followers

There is not much point in advertising your latest offers, new products or services or providing an in depth review when you have no followers to see your hard work. If you already have customers, try inviting your mailing list to check out your new social media sites, which will give you a boost of followers to start with. Also, invite all the people you know. We know that work and business are separate but when starting out, the more popular your company looks, the more popular it is likely to become. People are attracted to popular companies, just make sure your friends and family keep their interactions professional!

Be Social

Socialising with others is pretty much the whole point of social media. So if your company is expecting to gain attention it needs to be interacting and engaging with similar companies. Sharing, following and being an active part of pre-existing communities being built up by your competitors is a great way to grab the attention of consumers interested in your line of business. If this sounds pretty tricky, you can get apps to do this for you, particularly on twitter.

Use features

Hashtags, trends and selfie filters are some of the best known features of the various social media channels. To boost your audience, make sure you make full use of these features, where appropriate. For the most part it will make it easier for people to find your company, but it also indicates how up to date your company is. However, turning the CEO’s head into a piece of toast probably isn’t the best use of the social media features if your company is a serious, straight laced business, so choose your features wisely.

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