What is retargeting?

Converting window shoppers into customers is the main aim of digital marketing, and with the specific tools of retargeting, it is becoming even easier to boost that viewer : consumer ratio. But what does retargeting entail, and what exactly is it?

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is focused on drawing viewers and potential consumers back to the website after they have visited, with the ultimate goal being to convert their passive viewing to active engagement with the specific call to action; sales, email sign up or download of content.

Also, if a consumer has already purchased with your company, then retargeting is the perfect type of marketing aimed specifically at them. These consumers are perfect candidates for personalised advertisements designed to appeal directly to them.

What does retargeting entail?

Retargeting can be part of the specific make-up of the code used to create the website itself. This is known as pixel based retargeting.

Alternatively, retargeting can involve marketing using the email details provided by existing consumers. This is referred to as list based retargeting.

Pixel based retargeting

Cookies have been used for a number of years, gathering data about the viewer’s browser and attaching themselves to it. This works through a clever piece of JavaScript coding built in to the websites own code, designed to activate when the user opens the web page. The new laws applying to the transparency of cookies are great for consumers to make them aware of what is happening, but it does nothing to deter from pixel based retargeting.

So what happens once the viewer’s browser has been “cookied”? Well when the user next opens a webpage with a retargeting platform, such as Facebook, sidebar and banner advertisements will appear to promote the company, business or brand and try, and persuade the viewer to revisit the website.

List based retargeting

Using the users email address submitted when they signed up for the website or purchased an item, the list based retargeting strategy involves uploading this email list directly to retargeting platforms, where personalised advertisements can be directly targeted at the user. These adverts can take into consideration items purchased previously and special or location based offers. This is a great way to make existing customers feel valued and to attract their attention to re-engage with your company website.

Retargeting could really help your website, boost your call to action convert ratio, and get your company noticed.

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