Using data to influence your web presence

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Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are Preston’s leading web marketing experts. From knock-out web design to current and relevant content, we can provide it all. But just how do we know what to produce, and when? Well, all great web activity comes from research and data. Or at least it should. So what exactly can you use data for, and how can you use it to shape your online future? Lucky for you, we have all the answers right here.

Web design

Did you know that web design is hugely influenced by data and stats?
Yeah, it’s true.
I mean, we could just sit around all day praying to the web design Gods for inspiration and hoping that our designs will actually work. But that doesn’t seem like the best use of our time. So what do we really do?
Well, we begin by checking out the data. There are facts and figures that can support our choice of:
Colour scheme – although this will be mostly influenced by the company branding and colours, we can use the existing data about these colours to make sure we use them in the right way. And this is essential. A recent info-graphic created by Creative Market found that 93% of website visitors report that visual factors are the most influential factor when it comes to buying a product. And we really want you to make that sale.
The location of call to action buttons – we dont just stick these anywhere and hope for the best. Instead we read the research and apply what we learn to our designs so that the company we are building for has the best possible chance of success. In fact, over at Grow and Convert, they found that call to actions placed at the top of the article converted 300% better than those placed only at the bottom of the page.
The text size, font style and the location of the text- did you know scientists have tracked people’s eye movements on a variety of different websites to see how they respond to different mediums. This is known as eye-tracking research and helps to establish what consumers spend the most time looking at, and responding to. And vice-versa. Its not really surprising that the most successful websites were incredibly visual, and if text was used, it certainly wasn’t an insurmountable wall. So, that’s what we aim for too.


But it’s not just web design that is influenced by the statistics, data and research. Its also the content. And we dont just mean the articles and blog posts produced. We mean every piece of text on the website. From the “About” page to the text that is used on the Call to Action Button, we check out the data on all of it.
You see, we don’t do things by halves!
Keyword research – content writing itself can only begin with keyword research. This is imperative to the success of your content. After all, it’s no use writing the best article of all time if your keywords aren’t lined up. These are the words and phrases that Google and other search engines will use to rank your article and direct traffic towards it. So we start by researching the relevant keywords for a topic. This will provide relevant data, such as the number of searches implemented on a monthly basis in our region or country. Incredibly valuable if you want to rank number 1, or even land a featured snippet.
Credibility – once we have uncovered the perfect topic to write about, and a suitable angle to cover using the correct keywords, we the start researching again. This time we need sources to prove our writing is credible. And while an “About” page might not need data, checking out what the competition is up to is a good way to make sure we are on the right lines.
Call to action text – Yep, even something as small as the call to action text needs to be researched first. In fact, apart from the heading, its probably the most read piece of text on your entire page. And it needs to be compelling, use direct language, and get results. No pressure then.

In summary

Web design and content are all influenced by data, statistics, facts and research. After all, we dont just hit and hope here at Pumpkin Web Design, we get real results. If you want professional web design and web marketing advice or support, get in touch with the experts today.
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