Using Psychology to help Increase your Sites Ability!

Amongst the designing and the researching and the planning, we often forget to pay close attention to who’s visiting the site and what triggers them to visit in the first place. By applying psychology to our websites, we can strengthen them to appeal to more audiences, improve its performance, and see a major increase in click rates, sales and exposure.

One way to start doing this is by helping your visitors make a decision, and because it is up to you, their choices just got a whole lot easier! For instance, make it clear that their choice is right for them, emphasize the benefit they will receive from doing it. Don’t leave any room for hesitation, try and answer any questions and concerns directly on the site and build an FAQ page.

Keep your site familiar and personal as if your customers were to see themselves engaging with your products and services. Foster the feeling that this is real and not abstract or surreal, make them a part of your brand. To achieve this, studies have shown that featuring images with someone’s face in them will trigger a sense of familiarity and they’ll react better. Using images with real people, will evoke a better emotive response.

As a race, we are social creatures and yearn for acceptance and emotional connection. Phenomena such as solidarity, conformity and reciprocity have a massive impact on ourselves and our identity. You can feature these phenomena within your site by encouraging them to share your site on social media, show them what’s the most popular in your store that appeals the most to them, focus on their individuality and uniqueness, and give your visitors the feeling that your website is part of their community which will in turn strengthen the bond between you and them.

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