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Category Archives: web design

Effective web design for product pages

web design manchester

Most websites are created with the aim of selling products or services to new customers or clients. Whether you’re a small, local business, or a large, multi-national company, designing an effective website, that shows off what you can offer is a great idea. Especially for those companies that are focused on selling a specific range […]

How can texture improve your web design?

Your company or business website should reflect your company effectively, to an online audience. While the text and written content might explicitly outline your business and what you have to offer, the first thing that will attract your customers is the web design itself. And this means that your website needs to be designed with […]

Using micro-animation in web design

Designing a landing page that is both stylish, and practical, is no small task. In fact, it requires a whole lot of planning and research. During this process, you should be considering web design features that can attract attention, and keep your audience interested. Especially for the above the fold content that your users will […]

Using split screen design for your website

web design manchester

Effective web design is essential to your businesses success online. Every element and feature needs to be designed with practicality for your users in mind, as well as great visuals. For example, features like call to action buttons are crucial for making sales and signing up potential customers. But if these are not designed effectively, […]

Should you use a hamburger menu on your website?

The hamburger menu is a web design choice that can polarize opinion. For some, the additional interaction cost caused by the hamburger menu is not made up for by the better use of space. While others would rather have the additional space a hamburger menu can provide. So, should you use a hamburger menu on […]

Ditching symmetry in web design

web design manchester

Symmetry in web design has long been popular. The grid layout for one thing has been used repeatedly for years, advocated as the best possible website layout. However, throughout the past year, asymmetrical design has been growing in popularity, and effect. In fact, your website no longer needs to be bound by the tenants of […]