Web Design Tips

Meeting user needs while creating a website that search engines will love is a tricky skill to develop, so here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your website.

Responsive Design

Amazingly, 31% of traffic to the top 10 websites in the world came from mobile devices. This huge number of people accessing websites via their mobile phones or tablets is only ever going to increase as people have access to more ways than ever to stay connected while on the move. In terms of website design, you really need a responsive website, capable of adapting to any screen size/ resolution and mobile device, otherwise you are potentially ruling out a wide selection of viewers and customers. Remember, first time visitors to your site will develop an impression of your company or business from what they see. A website that loads effectively from any device represents your company as modern and contemporary.

Simple Style

Sites with a professional, simplistic style are what users expect to see from most web designs, and this has the added benefit of keeping your site quick and easy to load, a key factor in consumers returning to your site. Most people will only wait 2 seconds for a response from a webpage before reloading or leaving. If you keep your design simple, background clean and images relevant but in moderation then you will not only impress your visitors, you will make your website more efficient too.

Simple Navigation

Consumers that access your website from any page need to be able to navigate easily and logically around your website. You should be able to get to any page within 2 seconds, this includes loading time as well as time spent searching. Make use of sub-menus and make it easy for people to navigate your site. Simple navigation will also compliment your simple website design (as discussed above).

Equal Page Focus

In 2016, any page of your website could well be the first page that a new viewer will see. Don’t just focus on the home page as the centre of the site, every page needs to follow the flow and structure of the site as well as the site design, and if you are business or company, each page needs to be able to showcase your main selling points. This will maximise the potential of your website to draw in sales and contribute to the image of your company.

Reviewing your Website

Web design is an ever changing field with new developments and new styles being implemented on a regular basis. Reviewing your own website, for example asking for consumer feedback is a great way to keep your site up to date and continue meeting the demands of your users. We would recommend that you maintain your website and update it every 6 months.

If you can keep these few tips in mind, we are certain you will succeed.

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