Improve your SEO with the right URL

It could be a website you’re setting up or a portfolio for your work, but be as it may, the most important element to your website is your URL. Even if you’re too busy designing your site and making it look more appealing, your URL should be top priority as it’s more important than you might think.

Your URL is part of your brand and your aesthetic but most of all – it’s critical to your SEO.

It’s critical because for people to find your site, you need to have a killer SEO. So, let’s get down to it, how do you choose the perfect domain name?

First of all, you want to incorporate your business name into your URL and if you want an extra add on – a keyword. Remember to keep your domain name memorable but short and without any abbreviations; for example, “photographers4u”.

Make sure it’s relevant and clear to your business as search engines uses your domain name to understand what your website is about.

To customise your URL for your particular pages, all you have to do is clean them and by doing this you’ll be left with no hashtags, page ID’s or exclamation points. This way you can now customise your URL’s by changing each of your page names.

This is where it’s best to use keywords that describes any specific pages you want people to see. Side note, it might take a couple of moments to clean your page but don’t panic as once you see that your page is loading, that means it doing all the hard work!

Once you’ve finished everything, you can see how your sites doing by looking at your analytical statistics and observing who visits your site and any areas to improve on in the future!

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