What is PageRank?

Every time somebody decides to do a search using a search engine on line, the only objective that search engine has, is to deliver high quality and relevant results. One factor that is taken into account when using Google is PageRank.

But What is Google PageRank?

Put simply PageRank is an algorithm which Google uses to help it understand just how important that website is. The scoring systems works from 0 to 10, 10 being incredibly highly ranked. There is only a handful of amazing websites that have achieved a page rank of 10.

Google and Facebook themselves are PR9. It is mainly based on the amount of inbound links that reach your website. A PR5 website will have a decent number of links; PR4/3 websites have a fair amount whilst newer sites will probably be set to PR0

As Google is always striving to offer the very best in search results, it will be keen to offer websites with a higher page rank despite page rank being only one of many factors when Google is deciding where you are found.

Although PageRank can really help with search engine results, it’s not the only factor so be sure not to focus all your attention on this one area.

What is “Link Juice” and What are PageRank “Points”?


If you have let’s call it website ‘A’ and site ‘A’ links to your website , Google sees this as ‘A’ is endorsing  or voting in approval of your site. Google uses these votes to draw a conclusion regarding the relevance of your website as whole and individual pages. This is the simplest way to look at page rank.

Page rank points are passed from one page to another when you receive a link from an external website, or when you internally link to other pages within your website. This transferring of points is commonly known as passing juice or link juice transfer.

Link juice amounts will depend on two factors- the total amount of links on the web page that’s passing the juice, and the number of PageRank points of the webpage housing the links.

So when you are trying to gain links it’s a much better strategy to aim at quality over quantity. A link from a highly ranked and relevant site is going to be far better than 100s of links from low ranked link farms.

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