how often should I blog for my business?

From a marketing point of view it makes perfect sense to run a business blog. It massively helps with search engine optimization, as greedy search engines love nothing more than feeding on regular fresh content. It’s also great for reaching out to your audience and becoming an authority in your field of expertise.

So How Often Should You Update Your Blog?

This question is plagued with all sorts of advice. You have those that insist it should be considered quality over quantity and updating your blog weekly or monthly is great so long as its high quality relevant content

Then some might say you need to update your blog daily even if you only throw a couple of sentences at it. Posting frequently can interests search engines more so than quality

Others adhere to the idea that it’s imperative to update your blog every day, even if you just throw up a dashed-off post that consists of a link and a few sentences of commentary. Frequent posting, they say, drives search engines more impressively than quality.

So, who’s right?

Well this is a suck it and see sort of question but I would say that a good rule would be to divide the importance of the search engines and your audience. Keep both happy with moderate and high quality content.

In truth there is no figure you can be advised, but the more energy you can spend on your bl;og the more return you should gain.

Here’s What You Shouldn’t Do

Don’t post less often than once per month

The key is to keeping everyone interested in your blog, including the search engines. If you aren’t regular you will lose momentum, search engines will have no reason to crawl and people will become disengaged.

If you don’t do it at the very least monthly then effectively you may as well not blog at all

Be aware that frequency is key  and sudden drops in this can have a negative affect so keep a realistic schedule.

Blogging daily can be a real commitment, especially when it comes to ideas and inspiration so bear this in mind.

Here’s What You Should Do

Appreciate that blogging is a key strategy in your business

Not only will a regular blog help you gain positions where the traffic is, becoming an authority will build trust with your audience and help conversion of hits.

Stick to a realistic schedule

Ideally aim for a weekly blog, data shows that businesses that really commit the energy into a blog genuinely reap the rewards.

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