Choosing the right web agency

It can be a hard decision choosing who helps you with, what is now considered one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal. There’s always a plethora of agencies of all shapes and sizes to choose from, all offering different packages at different prices with varying styles and capabilities.

Luckily a web design agency should be transparent in all these areas. It shouldn’t be hard to find out the quality of their work or the reputation they have built with their clients. These are probably two of the most important factors to consider and a Google search can give you those answers.

Deciding exactly what it is that’s most important to you is the first thing that needs establishing. Do you need a brochure site that acts as a reference to what you do? Do you need to sell products or services/ Do you want to generate leads from internet searches?

Once you are clear on what it is you need then finding the right agency becomes a little easier as you are equipped with the right questions. Remember all agencies have different strengths so it makes sense to lean towards those that have a strong reputation in the type of site you require.

Any reputable agency will be honest about what there strengths are and this should be backed up by their portfolio. Google map reviews can also be a strong signal to what type of relationship they build.

It is important that you can build a fluid relationship with the agency you choose; they should be more like an extension of your business, covering an area in which you aren’t as strong. Similar in many ways to how you employ an accountant. However if you find the right team to partner this should provide the reason you need an accountant. I would say a local agency offers advantages over a long distance firm. Basically you need to be able to meet and communicate; this will be an important foundation in meeting your design needs.

I would strongly advise not making a partnership decision based purely on pricing. No doubt it’s an important consideration, although it shouldn’t be the main reason for which you choose.  As mentioned earlier pricing varies wildly in the sector, but doing the proper homework should help you judge the value in the services being offered, and this is a key word value.


So just to keynote –

  1. Determine exactly what it is that you need to achieve
  2. Aim for a fluid relationship, meet if possible and do your home work
  3. Don’t anchor everything on price, look for value!


I really hope this helps, if you are in a position where you are looking for any more advice, then please feel free to drop us a line here where we are always happy to advise.

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