Why Instagram?

As an image sharing social platform Instagram has grown exponentially, especially since being acquired by Facebook. Instagram aims to connect people through images and short videos rather than text, which has been the main medium of Facebook and twitter, although all social media platforms are beginning to become a lot more image focused.

Unlocking the potential of Instagram in terms of online marketing is essential for your business or company to survive and grow in a social media driven era.

Growing user base

Booming in popularity, Instagram now has an immense scale with over 500 million unique and active users. This means that advertising geared specifically towards the 18-29 demographic, needs to seize the opportunity to meet those users, where they are. It is estimated that 50% of all social media users will be actively engaging with Instagram by 2017, which means that this gigantic growth is only set to continue.

Mobile-first platform

With 52% of all time spent interacting and engaging with digital media, mobile apps are the first choice for consumers and potential customers to engage with social media and the internet in general. As a result, platforms that are mobile first, i.e. mobile apps rather than websites, should be a huge part of any marketers advertising tool-box.

Native ad format

Being able to integrate ads with user content by using the same format as standard posts and not drawing attention to the advert, is actually one of the greatest benefits of Instagram, as engagement with native ads is generally 20-60% higher than other types of advertising within social media. These are figures not to be ignored when planning your advertising campaign, and coupled with the huge amount of users, Instagram is perfect for digital marketing.

Millennial demographic

With the under 35 demographic currently comprising 90% of all Instagram users, this is definitely the platform you need to use to attract the attention of millennials. It is forecast that almost 50 million millennials in America would be active users of Instagram by 2017. If you have a product or service aimed predominantly at this age bracket or demographic, advertising with Instagram is not something your company or business can afford to miss out on.

In summary

Instagram has huge potential for marketing and advertising, and here at Pumpkin Web Design, we can help you unlock this potential.

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