Top tools for creative Web designers

Creating great Web content takes passion, enthusiasm and drive. Skill with a variety of tools and software is also a necessity. This guide aims to equip you with all the information you need about some of the most useful software tools there are to help make your design process be the most efficient it can be.

Tools for font Design

Ever wanted to know the font used on a specific page? Or wondered which fonts should be paired together? Well there is a tool for that.

Font is so important on a webpage. You can spend hours perfecting your content to make sure it’s unique and top quality to boost your Google ratings, but if you use a font that’s hard to read then people are unlikely to make the effort to try, and your hard work will be wasted. Here are some tools to help your design process flow.

“Fontface Ninja” and “What Font Is” are both free tools that allows you to discover the font used on your favourite Web page so you can create the desired effect.

“Font Flame” is a free site filled with amazing font matches perfect for finding matching fonts for your subtitles, headings and paragraphs.

“Fontstruct” is a great free tool for building and sharing fonts online.

Tools for Photos and Graphics

So you have a new website with great content and an amazing colour scheme, but you are missing out on a breath taking image or a vector logo, what do you do? You can’t just pick one up from Google images because of copyright and royalty issues, you need a stock photo or graphic.

“Gratisography” and “Pexels” are huge databases of all types of photos perfect for use on the web, and “Vecteezy” has a huge range of vector assets such as icons and illustrations.

Tools for Inspiration

Now you have your font and images sorted, how will you use them? With passion, enthusiasm and drive being some of the top necessities of web design, it is inevitable that you will need some inspiration from time to time.

“Muzli” includes daily design ideas to give your creative spirit a boost, while “Dribble” is a huge community of designers and showcases.

There are so many free tools and pieces of software out there to help web designers get started but if you are struggling for practical solutions, or need some professionals to take on this role, don’t hesitate to contact us at Pumpkin Web Design.

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