4 tips to boost conversions

So you put your energy, passion and enthusiasm into building a great website and a great landing page that registers your viewers to conversions, but you just aren’t seeing any numbers. What’s going on? Here at Pumpkin Web Design we realize how disheartening this can be, especially when you’ve put so much effort in. So here are some tips to boost those conversions.


Make your headlines present the content as unmissable. Eight out of ten people are likely to read the headline but only two out of ten will go on to read the whole of the content. Using the right headline to grab attention and a small lead line summarising the product or service will really help draw those skim readers right in to your content, whatever you are selling or promoting. Once you’ve drawn the readers in, clearly it will be easier to direct them to your content or product and increase your conversion ratio.

Images and Video Content

Video consumption is rising rapidly, and people are spending more and more time watching videos, searching for videos and sharing videos. Using a short video segment in your promotional material or social media posts can be much more beneficial than text. Even image and info graphics work well for presenting information in a more appealing format than block text. People watching your video are more likely to be drawn into your website through your call to action, then they are from reading an article, and as a result, your conversion will rise.

Call to Action

On all of your promotional material, be it a blog article or a social media post, make sure the focus is on what you want the reader to do next; purchase your product, book an appointment or join your mailing list. Using a clear call to action that stands out from the rest of the page and is obvious on first glance is crucial to drawing those viewers in and decreasing your bounce rate.


Add some testimonials or reviews to your website, or encourage your social media community to actively review their experience of working with your company. Potential customers will feel reassured by real life examples and be more inclined to follow through with their initial intentions, such as purchasing from your business.

In summary

Choosing the right headlines, adding video content and using info graphics and images, including a clear and well placed call to action button and adding testimonials or reviews, are all tips to boost your conversion numbers. Here at Pumpkin Web Design we are experts in all aspects of digital and online marketing, so why not contact us today?

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