Analyzing your website for SEO improvements

Analyzing your website for SEO improvements

A high quality website designed to be both stunning and functional is something we can offer here at Pumpkin Web Design. But the web design isn’t the be all and end all of your businesses success online. In fact, just because your website is designed to meet user expectations, and WOW your audience, this doesn’t mean that you will generate traffic and sales. For this, you will need to focus on web marketing and SEO. But how will you know if your website needs additional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? And how can you measure success? Well, this is is why analyzing your website for SEO improvements is so important.

What are the options for analyzing your website for SEO improvements?

Optimising your website for a successful performance on search engines means that you need to stay up to date with changes in algorithms, and know how to meet search engine demands. These cover everything from the web design, to the content on the page, and even the HTML tags themselves. So when it comes to analyzing your website for SEO improvements, you need to make sure you are meeting the requirements set out by leading search engines. This means you should focus on:

  • website performance
  • technical details
  • content

Analyzing website performance in terms of SEO

For your website to perform well on search engines, it needs to be designed for optimal performance. This means:

  • Responsive design- With the introduction of Google’s mobile first algorithm, having a responsive web design is now a requirement for good SEO. Responsive design means that your website will respond to different screen sizes and resolutions, like mobile devices, and adjust accordingly. So that your users will have the best web experience, regardless of which device they use. The Mobile First update is all about putting responsive web design at the top of search results for mobile searchers. So this is now an imperative of SEO.
  • Loading speed- Websites that take too long to load are considered to be less user friendly, and as a result, these websites are usually ranked lower than websites with a faster loading time. You can make sure your website is loading quickly by optimising all images, and changing your loading order.

Analyzing technical SEO details

So let’s get into the nitty gritty. In terms of technical details, your website needs to:

  • Use heading tags appropriately- More than one H1 tag for example, can be misleading to search engines who use the H1 data to establish what the main focus of the page or article is. Multiple H1 tags indicate multiple focuses and this will mean that you will not rank as highly, if at all.
  • be “crawlable”- Disallowing robots.txt can prevent any crawlers from accessing the website, or indexing it at all.

Analyzing website content for effective SEO

The final area where SEO plays a major role is related to the content of your website. For your website to rank highly on the search engine results page, the content needs to be:

  • Original- All of your written content needs to be original. This means no duplicate content on your website itself, and certainly no content stolen from other websites.
  • High quality- The purpose of the content on your website is to really persuade website visitors to trust your company, so that they make a purchase or sign up. This is more difficult if your content is littered with mistakes, doesn’t make sense, or does not delve into the topic thoroughly.

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