What can web design learn from psychology?

Web design relies on human interaction with the product (in this case the web site) to be successful, keep hold of consumers and attract new ones. Understanding the code, technology and media market is only part of the battle if you really want to connect with your users. In fact, there are many ways that web design can learn from psychology. This is our guide to the connection between web design and psychology.

Tip 1# Colours have an impact on human connections

Everything human beings encounter has an effect on the brain, so of course the same is true for websites and the internet. For example, we know that colours can stir up emotional feelings, and so it is obvious that web designers choose colours to make their users feel comfortable and often calm, a key factor in the simplistic websites that are currently popular.

Tip 2# Social interaction and bonds are essential

Many aspects of psychology teach that humans tend to care about what other people think, and will be sharply influenced by brands with well known endorsements. However, it is not always appropriate or logical for small businesses and companies to be aiming to endorse themselves as a brand. Instead making a clear and logical testimonials section of your website will have a similar effect. In addition, a popular and active social media site linked to your website will show the consumer that your company is modern, up to date and has gone someway to developing an online community for users to share experiences and ratings; a key way to help build consumer trust.

Tip 3# Content can impact on feelings

Structuring your content in a clean, organised and logical way will invoke feelings of calm and make your users feel positive about your website, and be more likely to use your site repeatedly. If your website is cluttered and difficult to navigate users will feel dis-orientated and out of place, leaving your site to find a web site that instead invokes familiarity.

The value of psychology in web design is immense. Here at Pumpkin Web Design in Preston, we believe that if you take psychology into consideration then you are far more likely to succeed.

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