Web Design for Sales

Are you thinking of creating a website yourself? Or maybe you are hiring a developer? Either way it is really important that you know what it is you want from your website. For a lot of people, creating a website is connected to their business or company and the purpose of their website is going to be sales. Here are some things that we know can help you maximise the potential of sales from your website.

Call to action

Whatever the aim of your website is, calling your company, selling your product, it should be glaringly obvious and easy for the users to recognise. Make it the top priority of each page and make sure each page is equal, as you never know which page a first time viewer will see first.

Page Focus

If the focus of your page does not immediately jump out at you then it will not be clear to your audience. The best layout for maximum view to sales conversions will have a clear focus with the so called “call to action” being obvious and easy to see.

Quality not quantity

Keep the focus points of your website in mind and don’t try and fill up your website with additional content. This can make it harder for people to navigate, take away attention from the selling points, and can have a negative impact on the sales conversions. The aim of good web design is to be succinct, simple and easy to use, gently encouraging the website viewers to buy into whatever you are selling. Cluttering up their screen will not lead to more sales.  There’s a perfect balance between clean layout and essential good content!

Promote your trustworthiness

Using testimonials, positive press reviews etc all adds to the impression that your company or business is trustworthy- nobody wants to be typing their details into a website that looks untrustworthy. This means that if you want sales, your web design has got to include key space for testimonials, security badges for safe shopping, or anything else that you feel shows that you are a credible and reputable company.

Overall, making your aim clear and designing a website with the users concerns in mind will help you to convert views into sales.

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