Google’s search quality quidelines – Content

Developed late in 2015 these guidelines aim to help Google’s site evaluators when using the ranking system, but they can also help web developers and web marketers get the most out of what they are offering. One of the key things to be brought out of the 160 page document was the need for good quality content. So how exactly does Google judge high quality content?

Expert writers

Google states that content should be written by people who know what they are talking about, people who have experience in their topic of writing. So writing a “how to” guide should come from someone successful in that area.

Algorithm updates

Google’s recent algorithm updates aim to provide searchers with the best quality content first, and so down list results which have duplicated content or careless mistakes. A well written, useful article will generally always top the list.


Expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E.A.T) is the latest three part term for Google to judge websites and pages, and as you can tell the focus here is on the content. The more experience your writer has on their written topic, the more authoritative the piece will seem and ultimately the more people are likely to trust it.

It seems that if you would like your website to succeed, your content is just as important as your design. A beautifully crafted website will get minimal views if the content is poor. How can you improve your web content?

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