Case study: Family Martial Arts Centre

Family Martial Arts Centre (Leyland) approached Pumpkin Web Design with a challenge—establishing an online presence from scratch. Rob, the owner, recognised the power of content marketing and approached us with well-structured content. Additionally, he leveraged our in-house videographer, Sean, for captivating video content.

web design case study for Leyland FMAC
web design case study - martial arts
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Client’s objectives:

  1. Online Presence: Establish a professional and engaging online presence.
  2. Multimedia Integration: Utilise videos and photography to enhance the website’s visual appeal.
  3. Search Visibility: Enhance visibility on search engines for local and relevant keywords.
  4. User Engagement: Implement strong calls to action and engagement elements.

Our approach:

  1. Content Collaboration: Rob’s understanding of content marketing facilitated a seamless collaboration. The provided content formed the foundation of our design strategy.
  2. Multimedia Enhancement: Sean, our videographer, visited the martial arts centre to create compelling header and promotional videos. Rachel’s upcoming photography session will add a personalised touch.
  3. Technical Implementation: We opted for a comprehensive WordPress website built on the Flatsome theme, ensuring responsiveness and optimal user experience.
  4. SEO-Focused Structure: To maximise local search visibility, we incorporated location-specific landing pages and optimised content for relevant search terms.
  5. Engagement Optimisation: Strong calls to action were strategically placed throughout the website, encouraging user interaction.


  1. Professional Web Presence: The website now serves as a professional and informative hub for Family Martial Arts Centre.
  2. Engaging Multimedia: Header and promotional videos offer a dynamic introduction, enhancing user engagement.
  3. Search Visibility: Location-specific landing pages have improved search engine rankings for key terms.
  4. User Interaction: The strategically placed calls to action have led to increased user interaction.


Family Martial Arts Centre’s project is a testament to the synergy between a client’s proactive approach and a design team’s expertise. By combining well-structured content, engaging multimedia, and SEO-focused strategies, we’ve created a website that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

seo and web design case study
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