Content audits for small businesses

Content is a huge part of search engine optimisation. This means that if you want your company to be seen on Google, you need to have quality content. Here at Pumpkin Web Design in Preston, we are web design, web marketing and SEO experts. As a result, we provide clients with high quality content that will help to generate traffic. But what if the content just isnt performing? Well, this is when a content audit is necessary. Consequently, this is our guide to content audits for small businesses.

What can a content audit achieve?

A content audit is the best way to strip your content down and take a look at how it is performing. Using analytical data, and data from competitors, a content audit can help to determine articles and pages that could be dragging your website down.

Content audits can resolve issues

Once you know where the problem is occurring, you can work hard to repair the issue. But what are the common issues that content audits will uncover? Well there are several, including:

Backlink problems-
Buying links used to be a common SEO practice but it is now frowned upon by Google, and if you have older content, with poor links to spammy websites, your whole website will suffer.
Page relevance-
If your content isn’t relevant to your website, or your content isn’t high quality and up to date with the latest information, you will not rank highly. Similarly, if your page isn’t internally linked to other, relevant web pages, your search engine results ranking will also drop.
Html issues-
From appropriate headings to image alt tags, your html can have a defining influence on your website visibility. One of the key things a content audit will do is to find any html issues so that they can be rectified.
Duplicate content-
Another huge content issue for small businesses is duplicate content. Google rewards websites that show original and quality content, while penalising websites that have duplicated content from another website, or their own.

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