Creating a content marketing campaign for small businesses


To stand out in the crowd, your business needs great content. After all, once viewers have landed on your page, what exactly is keeping them there? Content is necessary to succeed online. However, creating great content, and producing it regularly isn’t easy. And creating a content marketing strategy can be a challenge. It’s actually a skill that can take years to perfect. That’s why most companies outsource their content marketing. Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are web marketing experts, and this includes SEO and content. One of the many services we offer includes creating a content marketing campaign for small businesses. But what does this involve?

Setting Targets

Everything your small business does should be data driven, aiming to reach particular targets. A content marketing campaign is no different. So your small business needs to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Decide on the main aim of the content. Is it more site views, more viewer engagement, better social media hits, to raise the page rank on Google, or to make more sales? Whatever you decide to aim for, the rest of your marketing strategy will follow.

Once you have identified these goals, micro goals will follow. These will include:

⦁ how often to post
⦁ the number of viewers or engagement you want to achieve each time
⦁ the individual goals for each piece of content


The next thing to do when it comes to creating a content marketing campaign for small businesses, is to make sure you know your audience. Who is looking at your social media? Who are your customers? Make sure you know the demographic you are aiming for, then the content can be geared towards them.

Content Ideation

Finding an angle is an important part of content marketing. What kind of image does your company want to present? And what kind of content would fit with your branding? When planning a content marketing strategy, it’s great practice to consider the content topics from a range of different angles before jumping in. Trust us, your viewers will appreciate this extra time you put in.

Content Creation

Once all these aspects are in place, you can begin to create content that will really stand out. Make sure you hire a content writer that can meet your deadlines, and has the perfect style for your brand.

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