Commercial Content Writing Mistakes

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Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are web design and web marketing experts, and we know that succeeding online means great content and SEO. Content marketing is something that every business should consider, but its not as easy as it sounds. In fact, this is our guide to commercial content writing mistakes.

Commercial Content Writing Mistakes

Finding a perspective

One of the biggest mistakes is writing generic and boring content. When it comes to content writing, you need to remember that you are competing with millions of other people, all writing about the same topic. Why will people choose to read yours?

The best way to draw people in is to offer a unique perspective on the topic. Take your time before starting an article or a blog post and look at the topic from different perspectives. How can you offer a different take on the same old content?

Be authentic

The content that you produce needs to be authentic. Not formed by copying from other peoples work, or by simply regurgitating the topic, good content is a genuine part of your brand. In fact, everything on your website should be thought of as part of your brand, as it will influence the way that potential customers understand your company. So dont be a carbon copy, but some effort into your content writing and show your customers what you really think.


Once you’ve put the hours in creating some genuine content with a unique perspective, its easy to think the work is done. However, just because you have written something great, doesnt mean that people will read it. You need to publicize. Draw your audience to it and they will be much more likely to engage.


Content writing cant succeed without a little bit of search engine optimization. So do some keyword research. Look at what type of searches you’d like your company to rank for, and then choose the perfect keywords to target these searches. However, make sure you look for suitable keywords, as you wont get very far competing against the multimillionaire companies.

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