Guide to Website design and user expectations

Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are SEO, web design, and web marketing experts. We work across Lancashire from Southport to Blackburn and everywhere in between, creating innovative and impressive web design solution. As a result, we know just how important the perfect web design is. But even more so when it comes to meeting user expectations. As a result, we have produced this guide to website design and user expectations.

What are user expectations for website design?

Whenever a potential customer, or an interested viewer visits your website, there are a few expectations they will have. These include:

⦁ a simple, clear design
⦁ a responsive website
⦁ a website that is quick to load
⦁ good quality content

Simple clear design

First of all, your consumers expect to be able to navigate your website with ease. Your design needs to be simple and clear to follow, with an obvious and logical link structure. A confusing website will quickly be overlooked.


In addition, your website needs to be responsive. This is because users expect to see the same content on both mobile devices and desktop. As a result, sites that don’t offer a mobile version, or a quality mobile friendly website will be left behind by more competitive websites.

Fast to load

Furthermore, your website is expected to load instantly once the link has been followed. In this day and age, people do not want to wait for anything, especially a website to load. As a result, you need to make sure that all of your images and files are the right size, and are fully optimized for faster loading times.


Finally, once your website is open, and has loaded, your consumers expect to see top quality content. Spelling mistakes, inaccurate information, and even just the wrong tone of writing can cause your website visitors to leave.

If you need professional web design support, to meet the points highlighted in this guide to website design and user expectations, get in touch today.


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