Retargeting practices for local businesses

As a local business, advertising and marketing might not be your first thought. But, if you are looking for ways to become more successful, make more money, and broaden your horizons, you may be thinking about putting more money into your online presence. Advertising and marketing can be a big part of this. Retargeting practices are a key advertising method that you should consider. But what are retargeting practices? And how do they work? Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are experts at local SEO, web marketing and web design. As a result, we have produced this guide to retargeting practices for local businesses.

What are retargeting practices for local businesses?

Retargeting practices allow local businesses to directly advertise to consumers that have already shopped at the store, or have shown an interest in your products and services.

Take for example, the customer who places an item in the online cart, but then leaves without purchasing it. Did they find something better elsewhere? Or did they decide they didn’t need it after all? Or are they maybe searching for their bank card? Well, there is no way to answer this question, but you can target these customers with an advert, reminding them about what they were shopping for.

There are two retargeting methods local businesses could use. These are pixel based, and list based.

What are Pixel based retargeting practices for local businesses?

Pixel based retargeting involves the placement of a “cookie” on the website visitors browser. When the viewer uses this same browser, and navigates to a website with a retargeting platform, an advert for your website will appear.

Facebook and Yahoo are just two examples of the sites with built in retargeting platforms. These host any targeted advertisement directed at the consumer, so you can rest assured, your advert will be seen.

What are list based retargeting practices?

When a potential customer signs up to your company, either through creating an account or when purchasing an item, you will gain their email address. All you need to do is upload this email address, alongside the advert you want the customer to be shown, onto a retargeting platform. As a result, when your potential customer logs in to Facebook or Yahoo, for example, your advert will appear.

One of the pitfalls of this is that many people have separate email addresses. As a result, the email they used to sign up to your website, may not be the same as the one for Facebook. This means they wouldn’t see your advert at all.

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