Preparing for Mobile First with responsive Website Design

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Local businesses and web marketing agencies alike are beginning to panic about the mobile first changes Google is making. However, here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are already prepared. And so are all our clients. In fact, every website we create is already equipped to handle the upcoming Google algorithm changes. But what do these changes mean? And how can web design make a difference to mobile first. Well, as Preston’s leading web design, SEO, and web marketing experts, this is our guide to preparing for mobile first with website design.

Preparing for Mobile First with responsive Website Design

What is mobile first?

Mobile first is the name given to a type of website design, which places appearance on mobile devices, at the centre of the web design principles applied. While this has always been an optional design principle, it is now becoming more important than ever.

Google is making changes to the way that websites are ranked and indexed, according to which device is being used to access the website. For example, a website that looks great and reads well on desktop, may not be suitable for mobile devices. As a result, it can expect to drop rankings when potential customers are searching using Google on a mobile device.

Mobile first and local businesses

For local businesses, the mobile first update could mean dropping a whole lot of traffic. This will have a direct negative influence on profits and physical footfall. Instead, local competitors with a website better suited for mobile devices, will begin to grow. So what can local businesses do to stay on top?

Preparing for Mobile First with responsive web design

One sure fire way to stay on top of the rankings, despite the updated algorithm is to create a responsive website.
Responsive websites will change their appearance and the content displayed, depending on the type of device used to access them. You can have full control over the way the website will look on any device, and you can make sure you are providing value to viewers no matter which device they are using.

If your website needs an overhaul to keep the same level of traffic, and to look great on mobile, get in touch with the experts today. Here at Pumpkin Web Design, all of our websites are responsive.


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