Guide to machine learning and content marketing

Machine learning has become an integral part of technology today. Everything from the incredible self driving cars, to simple speech recognition like Siri and the Google assistant, have benefited from the developments in machine learning. In fact, we probably all use technology that has been positively influenced by machine learning every single day. Web search is one such example.

Because web search has been influenced by machine learning, machine learning has had an impact on search engine optimisation. And now, we are beginning to consider the potential impact on content marketing.

Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are SEO and web marketing experts. As a result, we are extremely invested in the future of machine learning, and so this is our guide to machine learning and content marketing.

guide to machine learning and content marketing

What is the link between machine learning and content marketing?

An extremely simplified description of machine learning outlines that it can accumulate, interpret and react to data. As a result, because machine learning is now such a large part of web search, the algorithm itself is:

  • “reading” your content, and accumulating information
  • interpreting information, i.e. what is the content about, is it authoritative, is it original?
  • reacting to this information by ranking articles and blog content

Consequently, your content currently, has to prove itself to the algorithm, before anyone will have a chance to read it. This is why top quality, original content is necessary to succeed online.

What is the future of machine learning and content marketing?

Time changes quickly in the online world, and machine learning is no different. So what does this mean for content marketing? Well, some of the developments that may take place include:

  • Personalised content- yes Google already shows you personalised search results based on your viewing behavior, browser history and preferences. But what if these search results were then ordered by the content type that you personally prefer. Video, list, infographic or article, content types could become more important than ever.
  • Situational content- It wont be too long before Google can interpret what type of information you need at a particular time. Or what type of information you require from particular devices. Have your hands full, Google Home can help you out with a short sweet answer. But doing some research? You need to sit down and browse. Machine learning can help Google organise the content you should be shown in different situations.

What does machine learning and content marketing mean for small businesses?

Essentially, the impact of machine learning on content marketing means that your content needs to be the best content you can produce. Now more than ever, your content needs to knock the competitors out of the water. Here at Pumpkin Web Design, that’s what we excel at. Get in touch today to find out more.

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