Machine Learning and SEO: an expert guide

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When it comes to search rankings, appealing to consumers on the SERP, and keeping those customers on the page, search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential. But how has machine learning had an impact on this? And what can businesses and companies do about it? Here at Pumpkin Web Design in Preston, we are web marketing and SEO experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to machine learning and SEO.

machine learning and SEO

What is machine learning?

In its most basic sense, machine learning relates to the application of an algorithm to not only analyse existing trends and patterns, but then to predict them too. This then allows a process of sorting quantities of information and “understanding” this data in relation to the terms of the algorithm.

Hummingbird, although an older algorithm, is essential for machine learning. This algorithm allowed Google to begin to understand conventional speech. This means that words would not just be taken at face value. Instead, Google learnt that words have underlying ideas, and these may be connected. As a result, the results Google displayed, changed.

Machine learning and SEO

Obviously, anything that changes the way that Google interprets searches, and displays the results, has an impact on SEO.

Machine learning is currently being used to tweak signals and analyse user inquiries, predicting the results they will want to see based on the information Google has access to.

The ability of machine learning to understand language, means that an article or content produced by a company or business can be interpreted, understood, and presented in different ways. As a result, there are now many alternatives that business and companies need to plan for. These include:

  • the presentation of the information to different searchers, with different personalized searches and information collected from the browsing history
  • different devices, with mobile friendly sites achieving better rankings than non mobile friendly sites, but only on mobile devices
  • the subject of the search being interpreted differently depending on a range of demographics

In summary

When it comes to machine learning and SEO, there is no doubt that keeping on top of relevant research is necessary. Machine learning can have a huge impact on SEO, because of its ability to understand and process human language. If you want to stay ahead of the game, or your SEO needs help, contact us at Pumpkin Web Design today.

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