Guide to retargeting practices

Here at Pumpkin Web Design we know how important it is to keep up to date with strategies and practices that can help boost conversions. Retargeting practices are one of the key methods of bringing customers and potential customers back to your store. But how does this work? And is it successful? As Preston’s leading web design and web marketing experts, we have produced this guide to retargeting practices, to help you make the most out of your online presence.

guide to retargeting practices

Targeting return customers

Retargeting practices aim to draw consumers back to your website. These consumers may have simply visited your site or online store, and then left, or they could have shopped with you previously. Either way, you know they were interested in your products, so you know they could be tempted to return. As a result, many retargeting strategies address the customer directly.

Pixel based retargeting practices

A complex approach to retargeting, pixel based retargeting involves the placement of “cookies”. These are pieces of code that attach to the browser of the viewer. As a result, the next time the viewer opens the browser and navigates to a website with a retargeting platform, an advert for your website will appear.

You may be wondering if all this effort is worth it, but trust us, with huge companies like Facebook and Yahoo using built in retargeting platforms, you can rest assured, your adverts will be seen.

List based retargeting practices

An easier method of retargeting is the list based approach. When a consumer signs up to your company, creates an account, their email address address is stored in your company database. All you need to do is upload this email address, along with the advert you want them to see, onto a retargeting platform. This means that if your consumer is logged into the email address when using websites like Facebook or yahoo, they will see your advert.

However, one clear downside to this is that your consumers could be using multiple email addresses. People tend to have a separate email address for Facebook, due to the volume of emails it used to produce. As a result, your success rate would be effected.

In summary

Our guide to retargeting practices has included both pixel based, and list based practices. These are both great methods to make sure that customers return to your website. If you need web marketing support or advice, contact us today at Pumpkin Web Design.

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