Indicators of content success

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When it comes to your content marketing and your SEO, how do you know you have been successful? And can you tell which strategies to follow up on? Here at Pumpkin Web Design we are Preston’s leading web marketing, web design, and SEO professionals. As a result, we have produced this guide to the indicators of content success.

Increase in Traffic

indicators of content success

When it comes to your website or social media pages, more traffic means more views. More views inevitably means more potential customers.

Before you begin, take a look at your general traffic stats, noting individual page views as well as referrers (the reason people visit your site).

Around a week after releasing content, take another look at your page traffic, and see if your content has helped to increase traffic.

An increase in traffic is one of the best indicators of content success. This can occur by:

  • increasing the social media presence and visibility by producing more content, and
  • generating natural search results from good keyword research and quality content

More time spent on the website

Not only can content draw in viewers, your content needs to keep them too. As a result, measuring only traffic is not an effective way to measure the success of your content marketing. It should be paired with statistics relating to the time a viewer spends on the site.

The time spent on your website indicated that the viewer is engaging with your content, and that your content is useful to them. However, viewers that open your website and that are met with content that is not what they were looking for, will quickly leave. This is known as “bouncing”. A lower bounce rate, coupled with more time on the website indicates content marketing success.

In summary

The indicators of content success include higher traffic and a lower bounce rate. For example, if your content is driving higher levels of traffic to your website, and these viewers are remaining on the website for a good amount of time, the chances are your content is successful. For more information and advice, contact us at Pumpkin Web Design today.

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