Heat mapping strategies for success

When it comes to monitoring the success of your web marketing and your website in general, there are several techniques and strategies you can use. Heat mapping is one such strategy. Here at Pumpkin Web Design in Preston, we know just how important it is to measure the success or the impact of a particular strategy. As a result, we have produced this guide to heat mapping strategies for success.

heat mapping strategies for success

First of all, what is a heat map?

A heat map can show you areas of interest on your webpage. Studies have shown that where a site visitor hovers on your website, the location correlates to the eye tracking. This helps to indicate places where viewers are stopping to read your content, and articles or images that are drawing more attention. This link is shown with a heat map, which represents the areas of interest. This is shown by using an overlay, with red areas indicating areas of interest and blue areas indicating areas that are not really drawing engagement. As a result, a heat map can help you spot areas of interest on your page, and figure out content types that are valuable to your viewers.

However, information taken from a heat map shouldn’t be used alone. It should be used with support from a click map, indicating areas where visitors interact with a page, or page scroll maps which show how far down your page visitors will scroll.

Which pages should you use a heat map with?

We would suggest using data from your own analytics to establish the high traffic pages, and then use a heat map to understand how users are interacting on these pages. As a given, we would include the homepage.

However, it’s not only the high traffic pages you should consider, you should also take a look at those pages with a high bounce rate. The heat map should be able to provide a clue as to why people are leaving this page, or perhaps your website, from that point.

Interpreting your heat maps

Once you have used your heat maps, it’s time to interpret the data. Use the heat map to help you understand:

  • Are the viewers engaging with the content areas you expected?
  • Are viewers interacting with areas of your webpage you weren’t expecting? Why is that?
  • Are viewers paying more attention to images or text?
  • Can you use any other tools to better evaluate the heat map data, such as a click map?

In summary

When it comes to heat mapping strategies for success, we would advise you to run heat maps with other analytic software to compare results and provide more in-depth feedback. We would also advise that you don’t just choose the high traffic pages, choose the pages with a high bounce rate too. And finally, when it comes to interpreting the data, look at the facts you didn’t expect as this is how your website and web marketing will improve.

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