The Advantages of Responsive Web Design

When it comes to responsive web design, you can rest assured that it isn’t just the latest tech buzz word. Responsive web design is necessary to an effective and professional online presence. Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are web design, web marketing and SEO professionals. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of responsive web design.

advantages of responsive web design


Viewing websites is no longer just an activity for static screens and horizontal viewing. The influx of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets has meant that website orientation is now an important part of web design. Vertical viewing is consistently increasing. As a result, a responsive web design that can make your website look amazing, whether it’s horizontal or vertical, is essential. In fact, your viewers and potential customers will expect your website to look great, no matter the orientation.

Resolution and screen size

Responsive design doesn’t just refer to the orientation of your website. It also considers the screen size and resolution of the device being used to access your website. When it comes to mobile devices the range of screen sizes and resolutions is vast. It would be extremely time consuming to plan and code your website for all of these eventualities. However, responsive web design means that this is not necessary. Instead the website itself will respond to the screen size and resolution, to ensure that the display is optimum for any viewer, on any device.

Image optimisation

Responsive web design will automatically optimise your images and graphics depending on the orientation and resolution of the screen viewing the website. As a result, this can save you time and effort as you wont need to optimise these manually yourself.


When it comes to your website design, the expectations and user experience can be vitally important. In terms of responsive web design, the users expect every website that they visit to appear flawlessly on any device, without any issues. As a result, responsive web design can help you meet your user expectations and present a professional image.

In summary

The advantages of responsive web design include the orientation response, the resolution and screen size response, the image optimisation and meeting user expectations. If your website needs a responsive overhaul, look no further. Here at Pumpkin Web Design we are web design experts. Why not contact us today for more information?

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