Google’s “exact match” change

When it comes to Google’s algorithms, every update can cause mass confusion and panic. However, here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are on top of these updates, and we are always thinking of ways for our clients to remain on top. The latest update to Google’s Adwords, has caused a lot of discussion in the SEO and web marketing world. As a result, we have produced this guide, to keep you informed of Google’s exact match change.

Google's exact match change

How has Google’s exact match changed?

With the latest update, Google has made changes to the way that “exact match” keywords will be used.

Way back in 2012, Google decided that there should be a close variant option. This meant that keywords would match other searches containing typos, misspellings, plurals and other variants.

In 2014, this close variant option merged with exact match, and companies could no longer opt out of using the close variant option.
The latest update, takes this further. The “exact match” will now ignore the order of the words, and the function words.

What does this change mean for companies and businesses?

When setting up your Adwords, the changes mean that you will need to put more thought and effort into researching your keywords.

For some phrases, the meaning can be altered by changing the word order or taking out the function words. This may not be picked up by Google. As a result, your advert may be targeting people that aren’t searching for your services. This means that your net may be cast too wide, skewing your statistics and perhaps costing a little extra money. However, Google thinks this is a better option than not having a large enough net to begin with, and the difference in cost will likely be minimal.

It is also worth bearing in mind that Google states that it will not alter words in the exact match setting when it feels this would also alter the meaning of the search. This just shows how much faith Google has in its machine learning. However, we feel it is still worth putting in the extra effort to keep your advertising on track.

How to prepare for these changes

You can prepare for the imminent changes by:

Reviewing existing exact match searches
Determine if these are altered dramatically by reordering the words or removing the function words. If they are, add the variations to the list of negatives.
Taking a look at the Search Query Reports
Pay attention to the variations and if these are affected, add them to the negatives.

In summary

Google’s exact match change can be both a positive and a negative for companies and businesses. If you need professional support or advice, why not contact us today at Pumpkin Web Design?

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