Instagram content for SEO

While social media is a big boost for your online presence, and perhaps raises your brand awareness, did you know it can also boost your search engine optimisation (SEO)? In fact, Instagram is a great way to boost your SEO. Here at Pumpkin Web Design in Preston, we are web design, web marketing and SEO experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to Instagram content for SEO.

Why Instagram?

The number of daily active users making use of Instagram is rising steadily, year on year. And the number of photos shared every day through this platform if also increasing from 70 million in 2015 to now almost 100 million! As a result, businesses and companies need to get on board with the photo sharing trend and start producing eye-catching, unique images that are guaranteed to attract attention.

Instagram content for SEO

How does Instagram content boost SEO

So Instagram is clearly a really important social media platform, but how can it boost your search engine optimisation?

Search engine results page-
Well, when a customer, or potential customer types your business name into Google, your Instagram account will also rank. This means you can double the space you occupy on the SERP and keep your competitors at bay.
Inbound links-
Posting images that also containing a hyperlink back to your own website is a great way to generate more inbound links, ethically, and without having to spend a fortune. After all, inbound links are a great way to raise your position and ranking on the SERP.
Connected to inbound links is traffic. Inbound links aren’t just a great part of hidden SEO that search engines will factor for, they are visible and usable for your audience. This means that if they like what they see on your Instagram page, they are more likely to click through to your website. This will boost the amount of interested traffic engaging with your website, indicating to search engines that your pages are popular and relevant.

In summary

Instagram content for SEO should include links back to your webpage, and be original and interesting enough to make you viewers want to know more. If you need professional web marketing or SEO support, contact the professionals at Pumpkin Web Design today.

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