Guide to social media and SEO strategy

Social media and search engine optimisaton (SEO) tend to have a positive influence on one another. As a result, you can use social media to help boost your page rankings and bring in more traffic. However, this can be complicated, and there are several factors that will influence this relationship. At Pumpkin Web Design in Preston, we know how to make social media and SEO work for any local business. From plumbers to beauticians and every trade in between, social media could be just what you need as part of an overall SEO strategy. As a result, we have produced this guide to social media and SEO.

guide to social media and SEO

What is the search Engine Results Page (SERP)?

The search engine results page, put simply, is the list of results that Google (or any other search engine) displays after you have entered a search query. Ranking highly on this list of results will lead to more traffic for your website and ultimately more conversions.

How can social media influence search engine results?

So, how can social media help your website rank on the search engine results page? Well, when you have a well performing Facebook or twitter feed, not only will your website rank, but your social media will also rank. This means that your company can take up to three of the ten search engine results. As a result, you will be removing the opportunity for competing businesses to steal your potential customers.

In addition, it is also much easier for customers to find out important information about your company, such as opening hours and contact information.

Can social media posts influence search engine rankings?

So, if social media itself can influence rankings, can your social media posts be ranked? Well, in some cases, yes. Take Twitter for example and it’s deal with Google to index tweets. As a result, creating a tweet linking to your latest blog post can boost the rankings of your blog, and boost your company visibility.

How does social media influence on page SEO?

The final query in our guide to social media and SEO relates to linking social media on your website itself. So how does social media influence on page SEO? Well, anything that links to your website is crawled by Google. If you have a highly popular and active social media following, this can encourage Google to view your website as more authoritative, and rank accordingly.

For more information or advice about how to use social media as part of your SEO strategy, contact the experts today, here at Pumpkin Web Design.

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