Keyword research for SEO success

While the use of keywords has changed a lot over recent years, researching the appropriate keywords is still essential for your websites success. Targeting the perfect keyword combinations is an important part of SEO, and so it stands to reason that keyword research and SEO success are interconnected. Here at Pumpkin Web Design in Preston, we are SEO and web marketing experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to keyword research for SEO success.

keyword research for SEO success

Types of keyword

There are three types of keyword that will influence your keyword research. These include:

  • Top of funnel keywords- these are informational that are intended to target an interested audience that want to know more about something.
  • Middle of funnel keywords- These are solution seeking keywords that target people looking for a solution to their issues.
  • Bottom of funnel keywords-These are keywords that tap into buyer intent

As you can see the aim of the funnel is to direct the potential customers from the top of the funnel, to the bottom of the funnel. So how can you use these keywords?

First off, you need to establish which keywords you are targeting, and make any on page SEO changes to fully target these keywords.

Decide which type of keywords to target

The keywords you are going to target, need to be in line with your company aims and goals. If your SEO is a long term project, top of funnel keywords, and middle of funnel keywords will build up your brand presence and content base. It will also help build relationships with potential customers.

In contrast, if you already have an established brand and you pull in a lot of traffic, you may want to consider targeting bottom of funnel keywords to improve your conversion rate.

Set goals

Finally, set goals. For all of the keywords you want to target set yourself goals. Create content that specifically targets these keywords and do all of the on page SEO developments that are necessary to succeed.

If you are ready to make huge improvements to your traffic, rankings, and conversions, consider the link between keyword research for SEO success. Get in touch with the professionals today here at Pumpkin Web Design. We are sure to get results.

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