Long tail keywords for small businesses

Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are SEO, web marketing and web design experts. As a result, we work across a range of locations from Wigan to Chorley, and Southport to Blackburn, to create tailored web solutions that really work. This means that we know how to get your small business the traffic it deserves. One part of this is choosing the appropriate keywords, including long tail keywords.

What are long tail keywords?

Keywords are used throughout website content, from the about page to the blog posts, and these need to be tailored around potential, relevant Google searches. So for example, keywords for a local mechanic might involve “tyre checks in Preston”, or “MOT’s in Preston”. These would be short tailed keywords.

Long tail keywords have the same role as short tail keywords, but while sort tail keywords are targeting certain words, long tail keywords are targeting phrases. These can be incredibly important for raising your small businesses visibility online.

Long tail keywords for small businesses

Small businesses can have a hard time finding their way online. They are often overshadowed by other, larger companies, and this can mean that they dont receive the traffic they deserve. However, using long tail keywords effectively can make a huge difference to the success rate.This is because:

  • long tail keywords tend to be less competitive, which means small businesses automatically stand more of a chance
  • long tail keywords are best suited to articles and blog posts where you can provide a much more detailed look at the services or products you provide. This adds quality content to your website and provides more value for the reader, two things that will raise your ranking on Google.

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