Optimizing for a successful mobile website

More people than ever before are using mobile devices to access websites online. In fact, mobile has become such a large part of the internet that Google is changing its ranking algorithms accordingly. This means that websites optimized to provide the best possible mobile service will rank higher than their competitors. So if you are a business trying to forge success online, mobile could be a game changer. But just how should you optimize for a mobile website? Here at Pumpkin Web Design we are web design and web marketing experts. We work around the region from Chorley to Wigan, and Southport to Blackburn to provide online solutions for local businesses. As a result, we have produced this guide to optimizing for a successful mobile website.

How to optimize for a successful mobile website

The changes you can implement to make sure that your mobile website isn’t just mobile friendly, but is actually optimized to provide the best possible user experience include:

⦁ link spacing
⦁ click to call
⦁ click to email

Link spacing

When there is not enough space around a tapable object on your website, users will have real difficulty opening the links and navigating your site. This isn’t just frustrating for your users, it’s also likely that they will simply leave your website. This means you could be losing out on business, simply because your website is not optimized.

Instead, follow Google’s guidelines and make sure that your links are at least 48 CSS pixels tall/wide with enough room between each link.

Click to call

One of the really helpful things about being able to use your mobile to access websites is being able to click to call. Need an electrician? Well all you need to do is a quick Google search, check out the websites, and then tap on the phone number. This should allow users to call you straight away. As a result, you’ll get to keep the interested customers, instead of forcing them to look elsewhere.

Click to email

Similarly to the click to call function, your mobile website needs to include a click to email option. Many daily transactions and interactions between customer and company take place via email. So if you make it as simple as a one click process to get in touch with your business, you will be guaranteed to generate more interest.

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