Low quality web content and how to fix it

Content marketing is a real area of importance for businesses of all sizes. From large, multi-national companies hiring a team of content writers, to local service provides with a monthly blog, the quality of the content can determine the outcome. Bearing in mind Google’s algorithms and penalties for low quality web content, it’s apparent that a website with high quality, original and relevant content can rank highly. No matter the size of the company. As a result, investing in your content marketing is a win win. Not only will your website look professional and keep converting customers, it will also draw in more customers from social media and the search engine results page. On the other hand, low quality web content will drag your website down.

Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are web design and web marketing experts. As a result, we work with clients across the region from Chorley to Southport, providing professional web marketing solutions. This is our guide to low quality web content and what to do about it.

Low quality web content needs removing

Now we know the benefits of top quality web content, it’s apparent that low quality web content needs removing. But this doesn’t necessarily mean deleting. In fact there are several ways to tackle low quality content and these include:

⦁ improving on the content
⦁ noindexing the content

Improving on low quality web content

The best and most effective way to remedy low quality content is simply to improve upon it. You must have wanted the content to appear on your website for a reason, so what was it’s original purpose? Try and build on what you have by researching the latest relevant information and try to include this.

Alternatively, it might be easier simply to start again. Write a completely new piece of content, with the same topic and title, and simply replace the existing content with the new piece. If you need to hire a content writer, this could make life easier.

Noindexing low quality web content

Finally, if the content is too poor to be improved, or you simply don’t have time to rectify all of the poor content, a quick and easy solution is to noindex those pages. This means that Google wont index the pages and as a result, the rest of your website wont suffer.

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