Expert guide to writing amazing web content

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A huge part of marketing your company online through your website is with amazing web content. This also goes a long way to proving that your website is trustworthy. But how can you make sure your web content will be read? Well, we wish there was a quick and easy answer to this, we’d be millionaires! But unfortunately, great web content that is consistently hitting the first page of Google search results takes effort. However, fortunately for you, we’ve put some graft in and come up with our own expert guide to writing amazing web content. This is based on a lot of the content and SEO work, we ourselves do, here at Pumpkin Web Design in Preston.

Focus on the Fold

The first tip in our expert guide to writing amazing web content, is to focus on the fold. Writing for the web is not the same as writing for any other format. It is proven that people reading web content, focus on the first lines and read less and less as they move down the text.

As a result, for you to create really great web content, you need to think about the structure of your text. The important information needs to be placed above the fold. There are never any guarantees that someone who opens the page will scroll to read any more. Consequently, you need to draw them in. Preferably in the opening paragraph, where the reader is likely to be paying the most attention.

Waiting is Boring

Super fast is never fast enough. Potential customers that click on your link don’t want to wait. Now, you might think this is the realm of the web developer, nothing to do with content, but this is far from the truth. All web content, whether its blog articles, updates, or product descriptions, need to be optimised for loading times. This includes image and video content too.

As a result, you should always use the appropriate html header tags to structure your articles and text content. This will help the page be loaded quickly and efficiently. It also has a second benefit of making your content easier on the eye for any readers.

Think about your reader

Finally, thinking about your reader while writing content is essential. Make your content clear and focused, with no spelling or grammar mistakes. If your content is aiming to answer a question, or explain a topic, make sure you get to the point without rambling.

It also needs to be easy to read. Try and avoid using too much jargon, or technical terms that people outside of the industry wont understand. Otherwise you run the risk of viewers leaving your page.

In summary

We hope that our expert guide to writing amazing web content has been helpful. SEO and content marketing is never easy, and it is constantly changing and updating. Stay up to date and follow the experts here at Pumpkin Web Design on Twitter or Facebook. Alternatively, if your content needs a professional touch, pop in and see us. Our city centre office is just through the Miller Arcade in Preston.

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