Are you Facebook Live ready?

So a lot of social media sites nowadays are allowing users to broadcast and stream live video content. Platforms such at Periscope and Twitch have picked up on it, but now it’s time for the Top Dog, and that’s Facebook.

Engagement is the one key thing Facebook strives to do on a daily basis. The Live feature allows users to interact with the person broadcasting by commenting and liking. It creates immediate communication and is helpful in terms of getting to know your audience.

If you’re thinking about giving it a shot to give your business more exposure, keep in mind that you are live and streaming and these videos are much different to pre-recorded ones so make sure you know what you’re going to do and say beforehand.

The best way to get people on board and make them remember your business is to mention your name and what your company does throughout – just don’t overdo it. People will tune in at random times so make sure you say it more than once!

The longer you stream for, the more likely people will find your video and watch it. This way, they can share and like. It’s recommended that you do it for at least 10 minutes so people are fully aware of what’s going on but aren’t going to get bored.

The video will also stay on your page after you have finished so this means it can be repurposed and recapped. Editing is also available if you want to post it anywhere else!

Facebook Live is a great way to expose start-up companies and for people who are new in the market. It allows you to connect and form a relationship with potential customers and viewers and they will feel like they know you already on a personal level.

It builds trust and character and we would 100% recommend people to start using it!

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