Speed up your website!

Slow sites are one of the main reasons your clients might be turning away from your business. There is nothing worse than a page taking ages to load, so here at Pumpkin – we’ve put a few ideas together to speed your site up that much it’ll be travelling at light speed in under 12 parsecs… Star Wars anyone? No? Anyway, to swerve you away from our poor attempt at humour, let’s get cracking!

Minimalistic Design

Keep everything simple yet effective enough for people to enjoy and understand everything. The less elements you include on your site the less maintenance you’ll have to do, therefor, your site won’t be running as slow. Make some compromises, so instead of a standard navigation bar, swap it for a hamburger menu so everything’s in one place. Use smaller images, shorter web forms and only use one font!

Lazy Loading

If you’ve never heard of this before, don’t worry – we’ll explain it! Lazy Loading is a design pattern that got its memorable name by not rendering projects until it’s absolutely necessary to do so. For example, elements that are below the fold on your page will only load when users are scrolling down the page. This means you’ll rely on fewer resources and make your page faster.


This goes for your servers most importantly. To optimise your server response time, it would be wise to use a caching solution, improve your server software configuration and use less resources for every page such as combining external CSS files and JavaScript files.

These are only a few of a lot more tips to help you get started, the world wide web is your friend and has plenty of other solutions to help you so don’t be afraid to dig deeper and have a look at a few yourself!

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