Guide to SEO and user experience

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Optimising your website for search engines, can mean placing a lot of focus on rankings and content. However, the user experience should also come pretty high up your list of priorities. After all, once a visitor lands on your site, you need to make sure you can give them what they are looking for. Here at Pumpkin Web Design in Preston, we are SEO experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to SEO and user experience.

guide to SEO and user experience


Using a variety of analytics, you can identify the keywords that may have attracted the visitor to your website. Knowing this is incredibly useful, as it means that from this, you should be able to identify the user intent. What were they searching for? And why did they choose your page? What are the keywords you are ranking for that could have brought the visitors there?

Holes in the user experience

Once you know the keywords that your visitors are using, you can then audit your website. This means you can delve into the website and the content to find holes in the user experience. Are the visitors getting what they expected/wanted from your webpage? Are you meeting their needs? If not, you need to start work on improvements so that every part of your website is geared towards the intentions and needs of the site visitor. That is how you will get results.

SEO and the user experience

Finally, consider SEO. Optimising websites and contents for search engines is great. But we do this to attract more traffic. Too many web agencies and SEO professionals place the emphasis on the middle man, Google, when they should be focusing on the users.

Optimise your content so that it is geared towards the need of your website visitors, and you will also see improvements on the search engine results page.

If you would like any help or support with your own SEO, dont hesitate to get in touch with Pumpkin Web Design today. Across Lancashire, whether its Preston, Bolton, Chorley or Blackburn, we have the solutions you need.


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